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Have Thousands See Your Ad!

Advertising On Joke A Whenever Brings Results!
(Banner Ads)
Cheap rates and ads that never get stopped, will bring you everlasting results. How? Simple: You advertise with Joke A Whenever, and your ad gets shown to over 4000 people on the mailing list. Many of them will forward the message to their friends. As a bonus, you ad will go into the archive, so many months down the road, people could still be seeing your ad!

Its Cheap!
Advertising has never been cheaper! The cost to advertise on the Joke A Whenever mailing list, is only $3 CPM. That means that it will only cost you $3 per one thousand list members. With the mailing list being 2000 subscribers in size, that works out to be only $6.00 per ad. As time goes by, the list size will increase in size, and the price will go up. Reserve your space now, and save money!

For a limited time only, purchase 4 ads, and get a 5th one free!
(Please mention this deal if you wish to take advantage of it)

For updated rates and information please send a message to ads@jokeawhenever.com describing the nature of your buisness, how many spots you would be interested in, and when you would like them. I will then send you the latest rates and information regarding your ad.

Like most other lists, I am also interested in swapping ads. I am open to all adswaps, and methods of doing them. I am willing to swap with larger lists, and smaller lists. A recommended method that I prefer is the have the smaller list involved show the ad for the larger list counting the number of people who saw the ad, to equal that of the larger list. To better understand this idea, I have tried to explain it below

List 1 List 2
Number Of Subscribers 100 1,000
Number Of Times Ad Is Sent Out 10 1

Joke A Whenever currently has approx. 4000+ subscribers.

As you can see the smaller lsit has to show the ad for the bigger list 10 times to make up for the number of people that saw the ad in the bigger list. This would be referred to as a 10:1 ratio swap.

I am willing to do swaps with lists both bigger and smaller than me. Sometimes I will benifit more than the other list, and other times the other list will benifit more.

I am open to all methods and suggestions that you may have regarding a potential adswap. Please contact me at ads@jokeawhenever.com with information about your list(s), list size, and number of swaps you are interested in. I will then get back to you as soon as I can.

Banner Ads

So your looking for somewhere cheap to run banner ads? You just found it! Joke A Whenever provides some of the lowest rates that are out there! only $6 CPM impressions. Please send us as an email at ads@jokeawhenever.com and tell us what kinds of ads you would be running, how many impressions you would be interested in, and we will get back to you with more information.

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