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Alternative OS slogans

Microsoft's ad slogan for Windows 95
was "Where do you want to go today?"

Here are alternative slogans for the
bloated OS:

1. Windows: The colorful clown suit
for DOS.

2. Double your drive space: Delete

3. Windows and DOS: A turtle and its

4. Microsoft gives you Windows - OS/2
give you the whole house.

5. A computer without Windows is like
a fish without a bicycle.

6. Bang on the left side of your
computer to restart Windows.

7. Error #152 - Windows not found:
(C)heer (P)arty (D)ance.

8. I still miss Windows, but my aim is
getting better

9. I'll never forget the first time I
ran Windows, but I'm trying.

10. My lastest screen-saver: Curtains
for Windows.

11. OS/2 ... Opens up Windows, shuts up

12. Out of disk space. Delete Windows?
[Y]es [H]ell Yes!

13. Windows 3.1: The best $89
solitaire game you can buy.

14. Windows NT: Insert wallet into
Drive A: and press any key to empty.

15. How do you want to crash today?



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