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A traveler became lost in the desert region of Algeria. Realizing
his only chance for survival was to find civilization, he began
walking. Time passed, and he became thirsty. More time
passed, and he began feeling faint. Reduced to crawling, he
was on the verge of passing out when he spied a tent about 500
meters in front of him. Barely conscious, he reached the tent
and called out, "Water...".

A bedouin appeared in the tent door and replied
sympathetically, "I am sorry, sir, but I have no water. However,
would you like to buy a tie?"

With this, he brandished a collection of exquisite silken

"You fool," gasped the man. "I'm dying! I need water!"

"Well, sir," replied the bedouin, "If you really need water, there
is a tent about 2 kilometers south of here where you can get

Without knowing how, the man summoned sufficient strength to
drag his parched body the distance to the second tent. With
his last ounce of strength he tugged at the door of the tent and

Another bedouin, dressed in a costly tuxedo, appeared at the
door and enquired, "May I help you sir?"

"Water..." was the feeble reply.

"Oh, sir," replied the bedouin, "I'm sorry, but you can't come in
here without a tie!"



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