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Remember These Three's:

1. These threes will not wait for anybody:
Time - Death - Customer

2. These threes we get only once in our lifetime :

Mother - Father - Youth

3. These threes, when once out will not return :

An arrow from a bow.
Words from the mouth.
Soul from the body.

4. Always keep these threes under cover :

Wealth - Food - Body

5. Try to avoid the following three :

Bad company, Selfishness, Gossip

6. Focus your mind on the following three :

GOD - Hard work - Education

7. Never forget the following three :
Debt - Duty - Disease

8. Always respect the following three :
Mother - Father - Teacher

9. Control these three :

Willpower - Lust - Greed

10. Sympathize with these three :

Children - Hungry - Disabled

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