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Who Is Joke A Whenever?

After two years of waiting, the answer is about to be given...

Introducing Ed, CEO, Owner, Boss, Employee, Janitor, Webmaster, Editor, Publisher, Programmer, and of course, Joker.

Located in Canada, Joke A Whenever is small but powerful. It touches the hearts of over thirty five hundred people whenever it gets sent out. Joke A Whenever is located in a small second story office, and run off a single computer. Until November 2000, All work was done on an old 486/66 machine, maxed to its limit.

Joke A Whenever is truly a hobby, that has turned into something more. Never yet, has one cent been paid to promote the site, host it or in any way affiliated with it. The only expense ever was the purchase of the domain name, Jokeawhenever.com. However, It has paid for the purchase of a new computer to make things a slight bit smoother.

I 'm sitting here thinking that I, Ed should tell you a few more personal things. After all, most people don't really care about how long Joke A Whenever has been around!

One of the easiest questions which by now I"m hoping very much you already guessed. Yes, I am a male. There is no females in my side of the world with the name Edward, at least not to my knowledge!

What? You want my home phone number, and mailing address. That wont be quite as easy as copying it down from here I am afraid. I live in Ontario Canada. Below are a few pictures. The first one is the construction of our new igloo offices. After all, as we all know. Canadians only live in igloos. Correct? The second image is just a general shot of the Canadaian winter. Lastly, a shot of my 2500 sq, foot skating rink which I, with the help of my family, and friends (I'm not a complete computer geek you know!) construct year after year. Sorry for the lack of a head. I figured I would look better without it!

 Office Construction (Igloo) Ontario, Canada: Winter Skating Rink

So, have you figured out my age yet? Most people guess me to be close to 28-35 years of age. One person from Joke A Whenever, figured me to be at least 80. I assure you that is a few years off. I have also been deemed a 7 year old by a few people who seemed to take my maturity level into account, or something like that. I don't think I"m quite ready to tell you my age yet, so keep on reading!

Before I continue with my age babble, I would like to take a minute to thank my colleagues. Both very faithful companions, and hard workers. On the left is Duckie, my faithful assistant who comes to almost every travelling engagement I receive. Chia, spends a large amount of his time pondering life and looking of of the window. He recently lost a lot of hair because of dehydration. As a result, he now has a streaked hair approach to life, and in the pictue below (Right) you can see some of the streaks. I hope you like his haircut. It was an in house job, to save company expenditures! (I really wonder what the hair dresser would have said though!)

Duckie Chia

Both of my faithful employees have become quite talkative late at night when I am up working on work. Someone told me I should visit a specialist. They cost alot though.

Back to that topic of age that everyone nags me about. I am younger than most people guess. I am not 7 though my age does add to be four. I am just a student, attending a the university of guelph (Studying Engineering), with a busy academic life. Currectly in my fourth year, I am constantly bogged down with work.

If you are looking for custom PHP Programming, I am working almost full time doing design work and custom programming now. Joke A Whenever is going to be updated one of these days as well!

I'm still in school. I am one of those under appreciated, underpaid computer freaks who enjoys his job. The magical age you are looking for is 22.

- Ed :-)

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